yEd Flash Export not Working from File System



Starting with version 23 of the Adobe Flashplayer, GraphML files stored on the local file system cannot be opened with the GraphMLViewer anymore due to changes in the Flashplayer security policies. An error message will be shown stating that a "Call to Javascript failed."


Trying to open a GraphML file from the local filesystem does not work with GraphMLViewer starting with version 23 of the Adobe FlashPlayer. Instead an error message will be displayed that says:

"Call to Javascript failed. Possible reasons: - Your browser does not support calls to Javascript. The Method LoadGraphML was removed from the calling Javascript file."

This is an intentional breaking change in the implementation of the Flashplayer and cannot be worked around from GraphMLViewer or yEd.

A manual workaround would be to serve the file from a webserver (internet or intranet) or to add an exception to the FlashPlayer configuration as described here in the Adobe Release Notes.

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